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Ludwig snare drums (while they have shortcomings) are still the best…

I just posted a new video snare drum demo, this time of a Ludwig Anniversary Edition 6.5×14 Maple snare.  I think this snare rivals the Black Beauty and COB snares…  While the stock P-85 throwoffs have their problems, and Ludwig has had some QC issues over the years, I’ve never played a stock snare that sounds better than the Luddies…  Here’s a playlist of some of the different Ludwig snares I’ve demo’ed over the last few years… and there’s lots of other demos on my YouTube channel, including some Rogers and Pork Pies among others.

I just watched the Buddy Rich Memorial concert, and I’m never surprised to see endorsers of other drums still sneak in a Ludwig Supraphonic to play…


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Get ready for some samples of our project!

Tim’s doing a fantastic job with the lead vocals in Sound Chaser, and we’ve got the show pretty much lined up music-wise… currently putting the finishing touches on Hold On from 90215.  We’re one of the few Yes Tribute bands (only?) to incorporate some of the great newer songs (Owner of a Lonely Heart was, after all, Yes’s biggest hit).


Not that we’re ignoring the old material.  We’ve got the entire Close To The Edge album pretty much ready to go (Close to the Edge, And You and I, and Siberian Khatru),  What, you say?  Only three songs? But they are three — expansive — songs, if you will.  (Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about this album.) 

And we’ve got a good chunk of Fragile “in the can,” so to speak.  Roundabout (of course) Long Distance Runaround/the Fish, and Heart of the Sunrise,  And we couldn’t forget I’ve Seen All Good People off the Yes album…

Watch this spot for live video and audio samples from our practices very soon!

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