Why can’t Apple do better on their updates? IOS 6.1.3 just toasted…

Beware the iPhone IOS 6.1.3 update!

So why should a x.x.x single digit third tier update (IOS 6.1.2 to 6.1.3) require so much time and a complete wipe of my iPhone?  I got the notification of an update from Apple a few days ago, and I had some time this morning so I decided to say “yes.”  After all, the last update (fixing an issue that nearly burnt up Exchange servers around the world) went rather seamlessly, so why worry?

First attempt failed immediately, so I rebooted my phone and tried again … successfully … sort of .  The phone said it was updating. Then it said I needed to connect to iTunes.  (Good thing my iTunes computer was close by). 45 minutes later I’m waiting for my phone to restore its software and data after it performed a FULL WIPE.  And the data it says it’s restoring is 5 weeks old… What happened to my vaunted iPhone cloud backup?

So, finally my phone lights back up; I slide my finger to see what I’ve got.  90% of my apps have disappeared.  It’s really clean looking, though….

I check my messages.  They are there — up to 5 weeks ago. I see some more action on the phone “desktop” now; all the apps have reappeared, but are greyed out.  Oh, look!  Every single app I have adding is now being downloaded anew from the Apple store…

I check my iCloud backup in settings; it tells me it was backed up less than 12 hours ago, as I thought, so why did Apple choose a backup that was 5 weeks old?  I check my pictures — 5 weeks old. No apps I’ve loaded in the last 5 weeks appear.  My music library is there, though…

I would have been REALLY NICE  of Apple to give me the option of restoring from my iCloud backup within iTunes instead of using an old iTunes backup.  Or have told me (as I’d find out later) that I’d better have a WIFI connection available if I want to restore from my iCloud backup.

So I check out my Bible app.  All the books I’ve purchased and downloaded are gone. I have to re-download those through the app.

So now I’m searching for how to force an iCloud restore (if anyone’s trying to call me this morning, good luck).  iTunes agrees with my iPhone — and says I have an recent iCloud backup; but won’t let me select it, only the old iTunes backups.

So, it appears I have to delete all my data and content again, and hope that the iPhone asks me this time to restore from iCloud and doesn’t default to iTunes.  This time I put in my WIFI password so it can access the WIFI (pity those poor souls that saved their WIFI password on their devices and promptly forgot it).

So my iCloud backup restores, and my apps (which again have to all download all over again) seem to be current now.  I don’t even have that many apps, but the process takes at least 20 minutes.

Check my music library — all gone (except for my iPhone purchases). Looks like I’ll have to sync it to iTunes again, once all my apps download (which is taking well over the 20 minutes it did last time).

Oh, and my Bible Study app has lost all its books again… Some of those apparently are gone forever…

Syncing to iTunes now; another 15-20 minutes to restore…  Five weeks of photos gone, though…  I just went to a message that had one of those photos attached.  The thumbnail shows  up in the message but when I clicked the photo it just said, “Restoring…”  From where?  And how long?  iTunes show space on my phone for 430 photos; my phone says I have 260.  But the space is consumed, according to iTunes for 430 photos and videos.  Finally exited out of messages; didn’t look like restoring is going to work….

Last time I updated my physical device I lost all photos but didn’t regain the space.  Had to backup and restore to recover the space that time.

Nearly 3 hours later, I have 90% of my phone data back.It’s good I didn’t have anything I needed a phone for this morning.


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