Trapped in Web Page Hell… Google Blacklisted Me, So Now I’m Here On WordPress…

And, actually, that’s not a bad thing (being on WordPress)… I’ve been supporting a WordPress Blog/Calendar for over  a year, and I love WordPress (you can visit our other blog at

But, the reason my page has changed?  I was using free hosting with my provider — DirectNIC — and then I found out that my (very simple) web page had been flagged by Google for Malware.  And since Google owns the web (see today’s article on I had to research out why I’d been flagged.

My web page really only had my bio, a list of my drum gear, and some add-ins from Amazon and eBay.  So what was Google flagging me for?  When I checked the blacklist, no malware had been found for over 60 days, and the malware alleged was — DirectNIC.  Apparently the banner they put on my free webpage was flagged as malware.  Now was it?  DirectNIC denied it, and said it was a “false positive.”  Try as I might, I could not get Google to clear the blacklist on my site, even though I set up Google Webmaster tools on my site, and submitted it for review.

So a few weeks ago I went to the WordPress web site and selected a template I thought might work for my NoisyBoys web site (figuring I’d set up a forward on my domain name to it).   I just rerouted my domain to the WordPress URL today, and low and behold, I’m no longer blacklisted on Google.

Though I didn’t have a lot on content on the NoisyBoys site, it’ll be a bit of a job converting what I had to WordPress.  And if I decide to move to a true domain hosting with WordPress support natively on a server, I’ll have to move/convert again.  But at least I no longer have the black cloud of Google blacklisting hanging over my head…

Since this is a WordPress-driven blog format, and not a static web page like NoisyBoys was before, I’ll try to update it as I Have Profound Thoughts On Drumming and Music.  Or Even If I Don’t.

Google places a higher ranking on web pages based on a bazillion things, one of which is original content, which (Some Say) should be at least 400 words per update. So the handy word counter on the WordPress interface (384) will give me motivation to wax eloquent (394) on the above-mentioned Profound Thoughts (400) to at least the extent of this blog.

Later I’ll try to elucidate my thoughts on ComputerMe vs. MusicMe…

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