Here’s some of my drumming gear, at least as of today…

I began playing a four piece Ludwig Silver Sparkle kit in high school stage band.  My own first kit was a Ludwig five piece Maple “Big Beat.”  I’ve played multiple Vistalite kits though the 80’s and 90’s, and now play a Ludwig American 70s Maple kit.  I’ve now been playing (and promoting) Ludwig drums for over 40 years.

Current Kit (All Ludwig, natural maple unless noted):

American Classic Maple 14×24 Bass Drum

American Classic Maple 8×10 Tom, 8×13 Tom, 10×14 Tom, 16×16 Floor Tom, 16×18 Floor Tom/Bass Drum

Supraphonic Chrome over Brass 5×14 Snare Drum

Super Sensitive (60’s) 5×14 Snare

Supraphonic Hammered Bronze 6.5×14 Snare Drum

Ludalloy converted marching snare (10×14)

Maple 3×13 Piccolo Snare Drum

Sabian cymbals:   21″ AAX Stage Ride; 20″ HH Natural Raw Ride; 19″ AAX Studio Crash; 19″ Paragon China; 18″ AAX Xplosion Crash; 18″ Aero Crash; 18″ Paragon Crash;  17″ Vault Fast Crash,  16″ Paragon Brilliant Crash; 16″ AAX Xplosion Crash; 15″ HH Xplosion Crash; 14″ HHX Evolution Crash; 11″ AAX Xplosion Splash; 11″ Mike Portnoy Splash;  8″ AAXplosion Splash; 15″ AAX/HHX Hi Hats; 14″ HHX Evolution Hi Hats,13″ Stage AAX Hi Hats; 10″ Chopper.

This kit has been assembled and designed to play out as anything from Classic Zeppelin to Club 4 piece to full 7 piece.

I play Remo heads exclusively, except for Evan Emad bass drum batters.  I use Equation Audio microphones and headphones, as well as BeyerDynamic Headphones.

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